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Gemini Design is a Scientific Engineering Services company, founded in 1998, specializing in the transformation of laboratory innovation to field-deployed systems. Gemini Design focuses on product development for advanced technologies, employing a progressive methodology that involves capturing new ideas and applying solid engineering to transition from prototypes all the way to production-ready systems. 

Team Working in the System Room


Proto-type Development

 System Development

 PCB Layout

Radar Systems on Aircrafts

Materials Management

 Program Management

 Regulatory - UL, FCC, FDA


 Sensor Systems

 Sensitive Measurement Devices

 Technical Publications

 Military Hardware & Software

 Configuration Management

 Project Management

 IP Documentation

 Machine Learning

 Environmental Testing - Thermal, Vibe, and Shock

System Development

Gemini Design specializes in delivering value through out the system building process. We are able to come in at any stage, beginning to end, and integrate fully into our clients system development process. This means we can develop systems from start to finish or assist depending on our clients needs. 

Electrical Engineer
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