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The key to Gemini’s approach lies in the rigor of its documentation and information services. Our process for capturing a technology involves state-of-the-art engineering documentation that adheres to world standards for engineering services, production and design.


As such, we will deliver a final documentation package that can be used by our clients to procure manufacturing services anywhere in the world, at will, on a just-in-time basis. The same philosophy applies to the service needs of our clients: by providing state-of-the-art world-class service documentation, our clients can avail themselves of any service subcontractor at will. Thus, our clients’ needs for manufacturing, production and service are not held captive to internal priorities of any given organization—our rigorous documentation practices allow them to use any competitive purveyor of industry standard services.


Importantly, for clients involved in defense, homeland security and other mission critical technologies, the aforementioned engineering rigor also provides solid, documented reference design material so that the government or another third party can maintain rigorous configuration management over deployed systems.

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Interconnect Diagrams (Electrical/Mechanical)

 Tolerance Stackup Verification

 Assembly and Test Procedures

 Inspection Records

Certification of Compliance

 Integration to Platform Procedures

Handling and Operating Procedures

End Item Data Package Consolidation

Quality Assurance Traceability and Issue Resolution Documents

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