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Our Electrical Engineering Services

Gemini Design’s Electrical Engineering Team has industry-recognized expertise in System design, RF design and detection, High-precision sensor readout and control, microprocessor based system design, electro-mechanical control systems, and Power distribution.

Our electrical engineering services include Circuit Design and analysis, Schematic Capture, Circuit Board Layout, Prototype, as well as low volume manufacture and testing. We focus on design for manufacturing and offer additional services such as UL and CE Certification. We work extensively with Altium Designer as well as OrCAD, and P-CAD software.


We will provide you with all of the engineering documentation necessary to rapidly build your new product.

Electrical Engineering
  • Decades of experience in RF/Microwave engineering - expertise in antenna design, simulation, and engineering across various bands (X-band, Ka-band, L-band).

  • Proven track record in developing and engineering complex systems, including airborne application antennas, land-based parabolic antennas, and medical application antenna elements.

  • Design and Simulation Capabilities: Specialized in designing a wide range of RF components, including LTE, 5G, MIMO, and LNA/PA, with a strong emphasis on accurate simulation and testing.

  • System Design and Characterization: Expertise in complex system design specializing in radar, airborne, and satellite systems, coupled with comprehensive skills in EMI/EMC analysis.

PCB Design
  • Decades of experience providing elegant solutions to complex PCB design challenges in rigorous environments.

  • Schematic Capture and PCB Layout.

  • Signal & Power Integrity Design.

  • RF, Analog, High Speed Digital and High Voltage.

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