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At Gemini Design, our expertise in satellite electro-optical payload design and integration sets us apart. Our offerings, including Integrated Dewar Cryocooler Assemblies and specialized Cold Boxes for ground testing, have achieved TRL-9 and are proven in numerous space missions. Our engineering team brings together decades of experience in creating mission-critical components, ensuring that each product delivers unmatched reliability and performance under extreme conditions. Partnering with Gemini Design means entrusting your mission to a team committed to delivering high-quality, dependable solutions that meet the stringent standards of aerospace technology, with the flexibility to tailor our offerings to meet any specific mission requirements.

Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies

IDCA #2.png

Our Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies (IDCA) are engineered with precision for the critical demands of satellite payload sensor solutions. We design and assemble the dewar module with an infrared focal plane array (FPA) and cryocooler. The dewar provides a vacuum environment so the FPA can be cooled for lab testing. The IDCA units also ensure optimal cooling for the most sensitive components of the payload. This temperature control is crucial for peak performance of sensors, ensuring reliability and functionality. Our IDCA solutions are customizable to accommodate the specific needs of any mission.

Cold Chambers

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Gemini's Cold Boxes are advanced cryogenic chambers designed specifically for ground-based testing of optical payloads. These chambers create the environment necessary for simulating payload operating temperatures, allowing for assessment of optical performance prior to launch. This design enables observation and analysis of optical behavior under simulated space conditions, facilitating precise adjustments and validation. Customizable to suit specific mission requirements, our Cold Boxes are indispensable for ensuring the reliability and performance of payload optics.

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