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Cold Chamber

What is a cold chamber?

Gemini's Cold Boxes are cryogenic chambers designed specifically for ground-based testing of payload optics. These chambers create the environment necessary for simulating payload operating temperatures, allowing for assessment of optical performance prior to launch.

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Why Choose Gemini Design?

Gemini Design has extensive experience building successful cold chambers. Through rigorous testing and documentation, our process creates consistent results. Customers can rely on our high level of quality and consistency.

Our unique and customized design enables observation and analysis of optical behavior under simulated space conditions, facilitating precise adjustments and validation of optical payloads. Customizable to suit specific mission requirements, our Cold Boxes are indispensable for ensuring the reliability and performance of satellite optics, bolstering confidence in their operational readiness for space missions.

Our Advantages

At Gemini Design, our technology expertise is the cornerstone of our innovative solutions. Our skilled team of experts brings extensive knowledge and experience, positioning us as leaders in the industry.

Our solutions are born from a deep understanding of advanced design technologies. We tackle intricate challenges, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations.

Our collaborative approach thrives on interdisciplinary teamwork. This integration of expertise from various fields enables us to craft holistic solutions that seamlessly fuse technology, functionality, and aesthetics.

We master emerging technologies to ensure our clients benefit from the latest trends. Our solutions are forward-looking, adaptable, and primed to excel in evolving industry landscapes.

No two challenges are alike. Our flexible approach combines technology expertise with tailored strategies, resulting in solutions that precisely match our clients' unique needs.

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