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Leading the Industry in Space Products and Engineering Services

Transitioning ideas from research to reality

Our Mission

Design, develop, and deliver innovative and high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

In an industry with time-sensitive projects, our ability to provide our clients with a nimble team and custom solution is key to driving results.


Diane Wewerka

CEO, Gemini Design

Gemini Design's Products Launched on SDA's T0 Tracking Layer

Gemini Design is integral to the development and integration of electro-optical payloads for the satellite constellations of the Space Development Agency's Tracking Layer. Our contribution is vital to the success of the project in both the Tranche 0 and Tranche 1 phases.


Our space-qualified products are designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal challenges of space applications, support the use of sensitive electronic and optical equipment, and enable thorough ground testing. Our cutting-edge solutions are crucial to meeting the program's requirements.

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Products and Services

Gemini Design has decades of experience in product development for advanced technologies, employing a progressive methodology that involves capturing new ideas and applying solid engineering to transition from prototypes all the way to production-ready systems.

We pride ourselves in our cross-discipline design and manufacturing expertise that your company can leverage to solve any complex challenge. Whatever your team needs - Gemini Design is a great fit. 

Partners in Success

Partners Leveraging Gemini Solutions

Our Customers' Experiences

Spectral Labs

When we needed additional help, Gemini Design’s engineers brought the expertise needed, worked in our facility and became part of our team. They helped us build “Silent Light”, an RF noise free, LED lighting system for the demanding requirements of the Arecibo Observatory! We have also used them to design complex FPGAs and software for a radiation detector system for the Nuclear Navy. They have a deep pool of engineering talent at a fair price.

Erik Ackerman


Quantum Magnetics

Gemini Design has been our partner for over 10 years. They have a deep bench of engineering talent that we leverage. Their customer service is excellent as is their ability to rapidly prototype PCBs and their ability to build systems well suited for full lifetime support. They worked on Design, Test and Assembly of complex scanners designed for finding threats in passenger shoes and other localized parts of the body at checkpoints as well as finding illegal shipments at ports and borders. They are especially skilled for the work we have at Quantum Magnetics and have some of the best people in the country with this skill set.

General Manager

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